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About Us

My name is Hazel and I am the proud owner of Shampooch.

I am owned by 2 Belgian Shepherd Groenendaels Isla and Roxy. Earlier this year I lost their mother Kara who was a UK Champion, and competed in agility. Both Isla and Roxy have been in the show ring and have occasionally turned their paws to scent work and man trailing.

In 2017 I trained at Scot Groom with Master Groomer Agnes Murphy and I successfully gained my City and Guilds Level 3 qualification. I have attended various grooming seminars with Colin Taylor, Costin Stocia, Ryan Lee-Gribben and webinars with Lisa Hart and Emily Goodwill.

Other credentials include Reiki 2 Practitioner; Fear Free Certified Dog Groomer; Pro Dog Trainer Me; IMDT 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer; Taking the Grrrr Out of Dog Grooming Approved Groomer and recently started ACE (Animal Centred Education) Module 1

Being a dog groomer has taught me so much, and it was then I realised that although the grooming of the dog is important , the dogs emotional, physical and mental balance is equally if not more important. It was through this approach that I wanted to help dogs that were misunderstood. When I started to look at various courses I was so intrigued by Tellington TTouch that I did a five day workshop in 2019. It was in 2021 that I recommenced my Tellington TTouch training online. In April 2022 I attended an in person workshop with Linda Tellington-Jones and later in that year I did another workshop with Tina Constance. In September 2023 I achieved my Tellington TTouch Practitioner Certificate for Dogs and I am working towards my P1.